HighScope® Children’s Program

boy enjoys playing with coloursThe Children’s Program serves 44 children ranging in ages from 2-5 years in three on site classrooms.

It uses the HighScope® curriculum, a quality approach based on over 40 years of research. The curriculum fosters and scaffolds children’s developmentally appropriate experiences in self-help, motor, cognition, communication skills, problem solving, relations with peers and adults, and resolving conflicts.

It embraces the “Continuity of Care” philosophy, which involves HighScope® certified educators staying with their children and families for the duration of their enrollment.

This family approach strengthens and solidifies the educator-parent-child relationship and cultivates a sense of security, belonging and empowerment.

Parents spend two days a month with their children in the classroom to improve their own parenting skills, their parent-child relationships, and to better understand their child’s development and needs.boy playing

The Children’s Program works closely with the community to provide experiences and links to their outside world.


Moncton Headstart is grateful to all sponsors. Continued contributions to the HighScope® Children's Program are made by

  • Province of New Brunswick
  • United Way of Greater Moncton & Southeastern NB
  • Rotary Club Moncton West & Riverview
  • Jean Coutu Pharmacy
  • City of Moncton
  • Rallye Motors