What is Headstart?

Moncton Headstart is a charitable non-profit early family intervention agency focused on building school readiness skills with children and their parents. Programs and services aim to build healthy relationships, improve self-esteem, develop new skills, enhance existing skills, and encourage self-sufficiency. young-family Headstart families are continuously provided with opportunities and support for growth and change. Headstart families sometimes struggle to meet their basic needs and require services, resources awareness and programs to thrive and grow.

Moncton Headstart, beginning with a modest child care program, has emerged into a multi-purpose agency committed to building quality in the early years of life.  The agency specifically focuses on early education, positive parenting, child and family literacy, food security, housing, and school success.

Moncton Headstart does not succeed alone.  Relationships are built with children, parents, government agencies, other community service providers, funding partners, and volunteers to succeed with its mission.