Future Horizons Housing

Providing affordable housing and in-home support services to 12 families throughout their development

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Lorne Preston Education Fund

Providing scholarships to past children and parents of Moncton Headstart who are pursuing a post secondary education.

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Open Doors GED & Adult Learning

Offering morning and afternoon classes to the community, Open Doors allows students to work at their own pace while meeting educational goals and enhancing self-esteem.

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Moncton’s Tooth Fairy Program

With the goal of ensuring all adults have access to dental services, those who are earning low wages with no dental coverage are eligible to apply.

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HighScope® Children’s Program

A curriculum fostering each child’s appropriate development, including a family approach to create a sense of security and empowerment.

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Mapleton Teaching Kitchen

Several programs including cooking based nutrition education programs for adults and children.

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Parent’s Programs

Providing support to parents through family home visits, parenting groups, days-in the classroom, and by assisting with crisis management.

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