Headstart needs Moncton - Moncton needs Headstart


Headstart Families struggle to meet basic needs and benefit from supportive services and programs to help them.

Headstart provides families with the supports that lead to improved circumstances through a variety of programs and services aimed at creating healthy relationships, improving sense of self, and developing important life skills.

The HighScope® Children’s Program is our core program.
Headstart kids are taught using this highly-specialized, proven curriculum that targets key areas to ensure school readiness.  We focus on developing our children’s ability to communicate and problem solve while we lay the foundation for literacy, social and emotional learning and growth. Headstart kids utilize real-world experiences to gain a better understanding of their surroundings and community.

boy-play-at-tableThe HighScope® Children’s Program also involves parents. Headstart parents spend two days every month in their child’s classroom. This helps improve parenting skills, relationship with their children and helps them to understand their child’s unique developmental needs.

Our family approach cultivates a sense of security, belonging and strength.

To learn more about the HighScope® Curriculum, follow the link: www.highscope.org.