What is Headstart?

Our mission: Moncton Headstart is a charitable community agency dedicated to providing quality early family intervention and support services to help children and their families realize their full potential. "Headstart Families" are families who struggle to meet their most basic needs and require services, resource awareness and programs to help them thrive. This is where we come in. We offer our families opportunities and support for growth and change, through a multitude of programs and services aimed at developing healthy relationships, improving self-esteem, and developing skills. Our contributors, volunteers, and staff of dedicated professionals all know the importance of quality in the early years of life and so at Headstart we focus on life skills and building school readiness. It is important that all children start school on an equal footing, something that as parents and teachers we all value.

Our History

Moncton Headstart Inc., founded in 1974 by Claudette and Doug Bradshaw, began as a modest child care program of the Moncton Boys and Girls Club. Consisting of a free day care for a few economically disadvantaged children, the goal was to prepare the children for Grade 1. In 1975, a program review identified the need to improve the family environment, to increase the parents' involvement, and to include younger children in the day care experience. This program review was the impetus for the Parents' Program, a safe and nurturing experience to support parents to develop healthy coping and interpersonal skills, increase self-worth and insight, confront issues of inadequacy, and build effective and nurturing parenting skills.


The organization today specifically focuses on early education, positive parenting, child and family literacy, food security, and housing. Skills and relationship development happen both at Headstart and in the families' homes.

Over the years, a number of programs and events have been developed to meet the broader needs of Headstart families and other families in need in the Greater Moncton community.

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