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Moncton Headstart 50th Anniversary Gala

May 24, 2024 | Moncton Coliseum

We are honored to invite you to Moncton Headstart’s 50th Anniversary Gala, an evening celebrating “50 Years of Changing Lives, One Story at a Time.” Your steadfast support has been instrumental in reaching this remarkable journey, and we are excited to share this special evening with you.

Our Evening Keynote Presentation: “The Impact of Abuse, Neglect & Trauma on the Developing Brain and the Critical Importance of Early Child and Family Intervention” will be given by the illustrious Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, an eminent Developmental Neurobiologist, Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago, Psychiatrist, Educator, renowned Author, and Founder and Senior Fellow of The Child Trauma Academy in Houston, Texas. Dr. Perry’s internationally recognized work in childhood trauma has had a profound impact on the lives of countless children and his insights will inspire us and reinforce our commitment to those of us creating positive change in the lives of those we support and serve.

At Moncton Headstart, we believe “All Kids Deserve a Headstart”. Helping children prosper is vital work, and your support helps us provide for the most vulnerable young children and their families in our communities. The funds raised from this Gala evening will go towards the purchase of a new bus to transport children to and from Headstart every day.

Your kind and generous contributions have been instrumental over the years, and we hope to continue our collaboration in creating positive community empowerment for many more years to come.

Included for our 50th Anniversary are opportunities for exclusive partnerships that will create a lasting impact on Headstart’s legacy. We’re firm believers in the strength of socially responsible communities and are committed to the sustainability required to continue running our unique programs. We’ve seen families thrive in our care and as long as the need is there, this work must continue. Your partnership with us not only supports our programs but weaves into the broader social fabric of our community, making it more vibrant and interconnected.



$10,000 I 1 Partner

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$8,000 I 1 Partner

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$5,000 I 9 Partners Remaining

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Benefits You Receive:



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For partnership opportunities or to donate please contact 506.858.8252, or  [email protected]