Moncton Headstart Community Outreach Appointment Bookings

Bookings for Toyland 2022 are now closed. If you have a scheduled appointment, you must bring all of the required documents with you.

Are you eligible?

All families must: 

  • Bring HARD COPY documentation proving your child’s date of birth
    (NB medicare cards)
  • Bring HARD COPY documents showing proof of address in greater Moncton or surrounding areas 
    (lease, utilities, etc)
  • Bring HARD COPY documentation indicating your income status – See below

If you are low income:

  • Bring the white card if you are on social assistance
  • Bring either your Child Tax Benefit or GST notice (base year 2021). These are mailed to you in July if you have filed your income tax prior to April 30, 2021.


How do we define low income?

If you are a new arrival:

You must also provide your date of arrival with RAP form/start-up allowance OR drug card (if applicable)

If you satisfy the eligibility requirements above, please bring all required documentation with you to your appointment. 

Only one appointment per family is required. Face masks are mandatory.

Please do not bring children to your appointment.